Summer and Ryan : Fort Point and China Beach Engagement

When I asked about their proposal they both looked at each other and laughed. Summer then went out to ask.. “Have you seen Bride Wars?” Well if you haven’t there is a scene where Kate Hudson is running around trying to find the wedding ring. Summer says she was doing exactly that but didn’t find it because Ryan was waiting for her with the ring on the table. These two are the perfect fit! Just by spending time with them you can tell they how well they compliment each other like two puzzle pieces. 

Summer and Ryan had gone to the same high school in Fresno but it wasn’t until years later until Ryan came back from college that they became an item. Fast forward and they have moved to San Ramon and getting married next June! A huge thanks to Mariee Weddings for sending this beautiful couple my way!

The engagement started at Fort Point in San Francisco, which It’s a gorgeous spot hidden under the golden gate. This was a great start our beautiful day in the city!




So much Cutness!







Our next spot was China Beach, which normally is a quiet secluded beach was rushed with everyone trying to cool off in the water. Not your normal San Francisco day with people actually swimming! We ended up finding a secluded area where we were mostly alone (minus some fisherman) and got some beautiful light! China Beach did not disappoint!






Summer.. I can’t even, you’re gorgeous!


Our session had ended but I had seen one more spot I wanted to shoot. Lucky for me the two of them were more than willing and we ended the session with a bang! 

Thank you Summer and Ryan for being so amazing and fun! I had such a blast and can not wait for your wedding in June!