Dare to Develop : Podcast Launch

Dare to Develop

I am so excited to spill the beans that my dear friend Ashley of Ashley Baumgartner Photography and I started the podcast Dare to Develop.


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Dare to Develop is a podcast started by both Ashley and I (we like to dub ourselves “work wives”)to empower small business creatives to focus on DEVELOPING community and take DARING leaps in their businesses. The Dare to Develop podcast will feature creative professionals who excel at their craft, have dared to redirect or change things up, and have focused on developing themselves, their community, and their industry into something new. 

Who is this podcast for?

Anyone with a creative bone in their body! Which, according to Elizabeth Gilbert, is EVERYONE. Everyone has a creative bone in their body. So we want to invite you on a journey.

We can’t wait to share with you some amazing guests we will be having on our show like Daniel Kim, Julie Paisley and so many more. You’ll also get some tips and tricks from both Ashley and I and how we have gotten to where we are in our businesses today.

Developing Community and Taking Daring Leaps




So why did we decide to start this podcast together? Ashley and I recognized how lonely it can get being a small business owner in the creative world. We work alone majority of the time and can really be an isolating existence. We have been able to become friends and realized how helpful it is for us to in so many ways to have a so called work wife or biz bestie. We want to help empower other business owners and highlight the major accomplishments that other creatives have accomplished. Together we will be your hosts and can’t wait for you to tune in!

Episode 000: Welcome to the DARE TO DEVELOP Podcast & Meet Your Hosts

Welcome to the podcast Dare to Develop and we are so excited today to tell you a little bit more about our heart behind the podcast. What you can expect to hear in a typical Dare to Develop episode and a little bit more about ourselves so you can get to know us like friends.

This is a podcast started by us to hybrid photographer friends and creatives to focus on developing community and taking daring leaps in their businesses and will feature creative professionals who excel at their craft have dared to redirect or change things up. They focus on developing themselves, their community and their industry into something new.

We’ll have guests interviews from photographers, planners, florists, and creatives that are making waves in their communities and daring to develop their businesses and trials and we’ll also spill the beans on our two businesses, how we personally took daring leaps and developed community with each other and other amazing creative professionals all over.

Read more over at the Dare to Develop BLOG.

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Two Hybrid Photographers



Episode 001: DEVELOPING Community Through Educational Events with Julie Paisley of The Hybrid Co.

We’re so excited to have Julie Paisley here today from her own business, Julie Paisley and from The Hybrid Co. We’ll talk about her journey from teacher to photographer, and back to teacher again with The Hybrid Co. Julie also fills us in on how she develops her community from the vendors and clients she works with, to participants in her workshops. Julie also has some fantastic advice for anyone looking to make a major pivot in their career. You don’t want to miss this one!

You can listen here: APPLE | SPOTIFY | ANCHOR

Episode 002: DARING to Develop Yourself & Your Legacy Through Albums with Shaun Austin Gordon of Kiss Books

The road to success for any entrepreneur is hardly ever a straight line and few people know that better than our guest today, Shaun Austin Gordon of KISS Books. You’ll hear Shaun talk about the different business ventures he took on while searching for his “I’m meant to do this moment”. 

We were so inspired by Shaun’s take on developing community and how that was vital to his success with KISS books. We also talked about productivity, overcoming fear, and showing up for ourselves and others. 

You can listen here: APPLE | SPOTIFY | ANCHOR

Before you go

We are thrilled to start this new journey and for you to follow along with us on the way.

We’d love for you to subscribe and listen to wherever you listen to podcasts. The support would mean the world to us. Also you can catch up on what we are doing on our Dare to Develop website.

Keep up to date at www.daretodeveloppodcast.com and follow along on IG at @daretodevelop.