Joyce and Will : Oakland Redwoods Engagement


It all started with dancing. Joyce and Will were in a hip hop dance group together and whenever they were done for the evening, they would want to go out. Their friends would head home and they were the only two that decided to hangout more. After a lot of time to themselves afterwards, the two kindled a romance. 

It was when the two went to dinner and Will had a little something special for Joyce. Once they got home and made the day super special he proposed. We first headed to the redwoods and then the views of all of Oakland. After finding out that the two were an adventurous pair, Will is an avid rock climber, I knew this was going to such a joyful day. It was straight smiles and laughing,These two are the definition of fun and so down to earth.

These two are such sweet souls and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at Chateau St. Jean later this year! Check out some of my favorites from their day in the redwoods below. Also if you scroll to the bottom you will see a lovely surprise!

Film Scanned by: Photovision Prints

My favorite detail is I have been able to document two of these two’s close friends with documenting them at both! Now I cannot wait to photograph their day for them!