The Best Engagement Session Locations in San Francisco


San Francisco Engagement Session Locations

Once the wedding planning has begun, one of the first things you need to do is plan the engagement session. There are so many options in San Francisco when it comes to picking where you want and the feel of how you want the session to go. The city has so many different locations from landscapes to architecture, but here are some of my favorites.

Legion of Honor

For a european feel, the outside legion of honor is perfect. The white pillars and the rest of the architecture mirrors locations in Paris France.  The location does close at 5pm so it will be smart to start your session here.



Crissy Field

Right by the Presidio is Crissy Field. This location gives you amazing views of the Golden gate. A popular spot for couples and tourists alike there are so many different views of the golden gate you can get here. Also while on the field you can head over to the beach area to get a little in the water. This is a great location if you are looking for an accessible location with not much walking.

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Sutro Baths

One of the most popular engagement locations, sutro baths has a great variety of locations from the trees of Lands end, to cliffside views, the ruins themselves and the beach.

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The Embarcadero

With views of downtown San francisco and the bay bridge, this is a great location for more of an industrial/city vibe.

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Baker Beach or Marshall’s Beach

Views of the golden gate bridge are a must for a lot of couples and these two beaches have some amazing views. While Baker is the more popular, therefore a more crowded area. Marshalls beach is secluded but has more of a hike to get down to the bottom. The views are definitely worth it.

Bakers Beach

Bakers Beach

Marshall’s Beach

Marshall’s Beach

Alamo Square

 Home of the Painted Ladies (also known as the “Full House” houses.) has some amazing views of the city while having the diversity of the greener and the unique architecture of San Francisco homes.


Marin Headlands (Kind of SF)

This location is right across the golden gate bridge so not technically in San Francisco but it is just a hop away. This area has gorgeous cliff sides at sunset as well as beach views.


Coffee Shops (or places around the SF Neighborhoods)

There are so many coffee shops and cute restaurants around San Francisco. This allows for a very cute relaxed atmosphere and the two of you can cozy up with a cocktail or a cup of your favorite coffee. Make sure it is okay to shoot indoors in these locations beforehand.

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The Presidio

Flooded with greenery, the presidio is the perfect location for a forest feel for your engagements. There are so many different locations in this area from Lovers Lane, a huge favorite with couples, to area’s a bit more unknown when you adventure a little.

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Palace of Fine Arts

Another great location in San Francisco that has a european flair is Palace of Fine Arts. This location is great for those who want to mix it up from some of the more nature, scenic locations.


San Francisco City Hall

Classic and unique, San francisco city hall is a gorgeous location and popular for many couples to fly into to get married for a reason. Its unique architecture allows you to feel like you’re in another country.


There are so many great places in San Francisco for your engagement session there is no going wrong. Contact me below if you are interested in your own session.