5 Tips on How to Get The Best “Getting Ready” Photos


A lot of your day will be spent in the room you’ll be getting ready in so why not take the time to find the perfect spot for you and your bridal party to start your best day at. Here are a few tips to help you get the best shot possible on your day. 


1. Pick a space with plenty of light.

 With my style, natural lighting is key and the more light the better! So with this, a lot of window light is perfect! Natural lighting is so much flattering than light fixtures lamps so you’ll tend to see me turns those off. 

Tip: If a room with natural light isn’t an option ask to see if there is an outdoor space where you can do your finishing touches. 


2. Keep the room clean.

Wedding day preparation can get hectic and with everyone and things can pile up real quick. Before getting ready photos begin, have your family and friends help clean out the room where you are going to be changing. This includes drinks, food, clothes, bags or anything that will be a distracting in the background. After doing this you’ll have timeless images to look back on with your loved ones. 


3. Get all your details in one spot.

Before I arrive, delegate someone to collect all your details into one spot. This includes Your jewelry, shoes, wedding rings and bands, invitation suite, dress hanger, your “something old” or any other different item you might want photographed. So make sure they are all together to pick up. This will allow for me to photograph them more quickly, and more time shooting you and your tribe getting ready together 

Tip: If your florist arrives at the hotel/venue before the photographer, ask them if they could leave a few extra to add to the detail shots. 


4. Make sure your space has enough room.

It might take some time to find, but having a great space can really help with the flow of your day. Make sure the spot has enough room for you and your bridal party to relax. You all don’t want to be crammed into a small room the entire time. Opt for spaces that match for your day’s aesthetic but you can never go wrong with white walls and neutral tones.  Airbnb is a great spot to look for a spot with enough light and room.


5. Destress and have fun!

It’s your wedding day and you have some of your favorite people in the same room with you! Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the moment with them. It’s super easy to stress about all the events of the day but take this time to enjoy getting dolled up and have fun with your girls!


Happy Wedding Planning!

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