How to Include Your Dog in Your Engagement and Wedding


When planning your engagement and wedding, it only feels right to include the furry family members in the process as well! I always get excited when my couples want to include their dogs in their day because I am an avid dog lover, I have two pups myself. It can be a little overwhelming to add another aspect to the day but I always feel like it is worth it to have the special memories. Here are some tips to make it as easy and stress free as possible. Give me all the puppies! 

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1.) Have a person in charge of dog duty

When having your dog at your engagement or wedding, it will be important  to have a family member or friend in charge of the dog. This will allow for you not to have to stress, and if you want to have photos of just the two of you, there will be someone there to take care of the pups. Have a plan for when and where they will need to be with the dog and where to drop them off afterward. 


2.) Make sure you’re allowed to have dogs at your venue or engagement spot

There are a lot of wedding venues that will  not allow pets so it is really important to find that out beforehand. Before booking, ask your venue if it is possible to have your dog there. If you are having a wedding closer to family, then maybe you can have the dog there for the ceremony and then they will be able to hang out at a families house afterward. If you’re venue doesn’t allow animals, then you can always just have your pup a part of your engagement shoot. This will allow for them to still be documented in your story. When choosing an engagement spot, looking up the rules of the spot is important as well to make sure your pup is allowed on the premise. 


3.) It’s Okay to Have them on a leash

If you have a puppy that’s as crazy as mine, it might be a little difficult to have them sit still with all the excitement around them without a leash.  I know it might not be ideal having a leash in the photos but sometimes it can be totally worth it and I personally don’t mind them! It is definitely up to you on what your preference is and your pups mannerisms. 


4.) Have flower arrangement’s for your pup

Talk to your florist about adding flowers for your dog. This could be done with a flower collar or even a floral leash. This will add a cute and fun flare to your wedding day and make your pup fit right into the day.


5.) Have fun!

Including your dog in your day can be so fun and exciting. Pups have a mind of their own so a little more patience is needed but in the end it is all worth it! They are a part of your family and I think it should be documented that way! Also I will be so happy (basically smiling the whole time behind my camera) to shoot them all day long!

How to include your dog in your engagement and wedding - Kristine Herman Photography