The First Look: Why I Love Them


You’ve probably heard the stories from both sides: the magic of seeing each other for the first time at your wedding ceremony when you walk down the aisle OR the perfect intimacy of getting to see one another in private before your ceremony – what we in the industry like to call the First Look. 

The first look: is it for you?

First off, What is a first look? A First Look is a simple way of saying, “Will you be seeing each other before the ceremony?” You and your Fiancé have an intimate moment just with you two. 

You’ll hear photographers talk about how it is best for photography purposes to do a first look (which of course helps) but I think the first look has a lot of emotional benefits as well and that is why 95% of my couples choose to do first looks. Here are some of my top reasons on why I think every couple should have have one.

Why you should do a first look

Its Such an Intimate Moment

Some people think that the fist look can take away from the walk down the aisle. I think that is farthest from the truth! Regardless of adding this in, you will always have the moment of walking down the aisle to the one you love once! The first look adds another moment for you two to cherish with just the two of you on your day! 

Emotional First Look Groom Reaction

It Calms your Nerves

Being a little anxious during the day is completely normal! the day is a huge deal and you are saying your forevers to the person you love! I have found with my couples a great way to calm their nerves is having a first look. They know once they see the person they love everything else makes sense! This allows them to be more in the moment during the whole process of the day.

Why you should do a first look

Making it to Cocktail Hour With Your Family and Friends

There are so many loved ones who come to support the two of you and sometimes it can be hard to talk to everyone. Do you want to enjoy more time visiting with your family and friends through the day? First look allows for many of the photos to be done before the ceremony so you aren’t stuck shooting as much afterwards.  This allows you to head to cocktail hour and celebrate with your friends and family!

Excited first look reaction from groom

 More Time With Your Person

This one is huge for me because the whole day is to celebrate the two of you!  Why not spend even more time with the one you love the most on your important day? The wedding day can be chaotic from the getting ready to the reception and the only real time you are alone all day is during the couples photos. The day goes by so fast that any extra time together will be so cherished and memorable. 

why you should do a first look at your wedding

As always, work with your planner and photographer together to make the least stressful and most efficient timeline for your wedding day. But most importantly, if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony then don’t! Its your wedding and you make the rules!


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